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Sea Urchin Basket; Derivation in Green, Yellow and Natural

  • A Sea urchin style basket that has been somewhat heightened by Ganessa - This larger round basket attractive and interesting. It is 7" greatest diameter and 4.5" high. The opening is 6" in diameter and the bottom is 4" in diameter.

    Ganessa places her very sharp "point" or "porcupine" curls over ever other foundation splint ... creating rows. The curls go over a grass green dyed foundation splint, and the alternating splints with no curls are left natural. The "point" curls are natural and yellow .... placed over the green foundation splint in alternating rows. This creates an endless variety of color - as you see all natural curls from one angle, all yellow from another and as you hold and move the basket you can see one row of natural while the rest appear yellow .. and infinite variations.

Sea Urchin Basket;  Derivation
Sea Urchin Basket;  Derivation - Top
Sea Urchin Basket;  Derivation -Open
Sea Urchin Basket;  Derivation -Bottoms
Weight: 13 oz